Hypernatremia Correction Rate

Posted by Unknown on Monday, January 18, 2016
Hello, all! This is the third post (and more to go) already. I hope since you guys are into this page, you find our previous apps helpful and willing to read more about our apps.

Since the previous app was about correcting the hyponatremia condition, this one is about reversing the hypernatremia state back into normal. It is an android-based mobile application called "Hypernatremia Correction Rate". You can download it free on Google Play Store by simply clicking this link or the badge below.

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Hypernatremia Correction Rate is an app intended to help medical professionals in calculating the rate of infusion needed to correct the elevated sodium level in blood. Hypernatremia is a condition that occurs when serum sodium level is high (>145 mmol/L). The main concept is to correct the hypertonicity caused by elevated sodium levels with the replacement of free water. There are 2 different conditions that affecting the rate of infusion in correcting hypernatremia, the acute and chronic state of hypernatremia. Acute symptomatic hypernatremia should be corrected rapidly while chronic hypernatremia should be corrected more slowly. That's the point where Hypernatremia Correction Rate will help the doctor in adjusting the correction rate used by the infusate to avoid over or under correction.

Why should you choose Hypernatremia Correction Rate?
  • Simple and very easy to use.
  • Precise calculation using Adrogue formula.
  • Selection of most used fluids in treating hypernatremia.
  • You can adjust the correction rate based on clinical judgment.
  • The result will be shown in the amount of selected fluids per hour.
  • The result is also showing intravenous fluid drips (IVFD) rate with drop factors of 20 gtt/ml and 15 gtt/ml.
  • Applicable for the doctor in a remote hospital without syringe pump.

The calculation done by this application is based on Adrogue formula. This formula is preferred over the conventional equation for water deficit because this equation proven useful in situations in which sodium and potassium must be used in the infusate. To obtain the correct infusate rate based on selected fluid, user can simply input the patient's information such as weight, the blood level of sodium, age category in years, sex and preferable kind of fluid to be used as infusate. Then simply by clicking 'submit', the result will appear in split second.
Hypernatremia Correction Rate Preview
The result page will show the volume of fluid needed and the number of IVFD rate in gtt/minute (by the drop factor) based on the selected fluid chosen. The result can be adjusted by selecting the amount of estimated insensible water loss so that it can be included/excluded in the calculation of the volume of fluid needed. The default rate of sodium decrement needed per hour shown is 0.5 mmol/L/hour, but it can be adjusted based on physician's preference.
Hypernatremia Correction Rate Preview
The other important feature in this app is the safety range of correction rate shown based on the current acute/chronic state of hypernatremia. It is vital to distinguish this two condition because it can lead to brain edema if a chronic state of hypernatremia was corrected rapidly simply because the calculation did not include that as a vital part to be considered. In acute hypernatremia, the initial sodium correction rate should be 2-3 mEq/L/h for 2-3 hours, with the maximum increment of 12 mEq/L/day. However, chronic hypernatremia with no or mild symptoms should be corrected at a rate not to exceed 0.5 mEq/L/h and a total increment of 8 - 10 mEq/L/day.

The result also shows the number of intravenous fluid drip rate in gtt/minute. This feature will help doctor from a remote hospital that doesn't have syringe pump. Therefore, the doctor should know the drop factor of their infusion set. On this application, we only show the drip rate for common drop factor used, such as 15 gtt/ml and 20 gtt/ml. Drop factor of 15 gtt/ml means that it takes 15 drops from the infusion to be as equal as 1 ml.

The application is still far from perfect. Therefore, we expecting any comment, suggestion or even testimonial to make this app a better one. Please kindly contact us at contact@imedical-apps.com. We are looking forward in making another useful medical application in the near future, so stay tuned on this website and don't forget to give a good review and rate our apps!

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