Hyponatremia Correction Rate

Posted by Angga Risky on Wednesday, January 06, 2016
Hello, again folks!
Okay, now we would like to present our recent project "Hyponatremia Correction Rate". It is an android based mobile application used to determine the sodium (Na2+) correction rate in the patient with hyponatremia. It is a free application and available through Google Play Store. Unfortunately, we still don't have an iOS version yet. If you would like to download our app into your mobile phone, you can visit Google Play Store page on this link here or just simply click the badge below.

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Hyponatremia Correction Rate is an app intended to help medical professionals in treating symptomatic patients with hypoosmolar hyponatremia. Main management of hypoosmolar hyponatremia is treating the underlying cause and giving sodium infusion. With this app you can calculate the amount of infusion (ml/hour) should be used for increasing the patient sodium serum level. Hyponatremia severity depends on how fast and severe the decline in serum sodium level. Therefore, sodium correction is mandatory in the management of patients with severe hyponatremia. This app will help the physician adjust the correction rate to avoid over or under correction.

Why should you choose Hyponatremia Correction Rate?
  • Simple user interface and very easy to use.
  • Precise calculation using Adrogue formula.
  • Selection of most used fluids in treating hyponatremia.
  • The result will be shown in the amount of selected fluids per hour.
  • The result is also showing intravenous fluid drips (IVFD) rate with drop factors of 20 gtt/ml and 15 gtt/ml. 
  • Applicable for the physicians in a remote hospital without syringe pump.
The calculation in this application is based on Adrogue formula. User can simply calculate the sodium infusion rate based on patient weight (kg), current sodium serum level (mmol/L), age in years (child, adult, or elderly), sex (male or female), and fluids type used for correction (3% saline, ringer's lactate, normal saline, or 1/2 normal saline).

Hyponatremia Correction Rate PreviewHyponatremia Correction Rate Preview

Based on several factors above, the doctor then can determine the correction rate. The result of the calculation is shown on the amount of selected fluid per hour (ml/hour). You can choose the rate from sodium increment of 0.5 mmol, 1.0 mmol, or 2.0 mmol per liter per hour. Sodium correction rate should not exceed 8 mmol/L/day to avoid central pontine myelinolysis (CPM). Patient with severe symptoms can be treated with 1-2 mmol/L/hour and only using hypertonic (3%) saline.

Hyponatremia Correction Rate Preview

The result is also shown on the number of intravenous fluid drip rate in gtt/minute. This feature will help doctor from a remote hospital that doesn't have syringe pump. The doctor should know the drop factor of their infusion set. On this application, we only give the drip rate for common drop factor used, like 15 gtt/ml and 20 gtt/ml. Drop factor of 15 gtt/ml means that it takes 15 drops from the infusion to equal as 1 ml.

This application is far beyond perfect. If you have any comment or suggestion, please say hi to us at contact@imedical-apps.com. We are looking forward making another useful medical application in the near future, so stay tuned on this website.

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