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Posted by Unknown on Sunday, February 14, 2016
Hello, all! 

For today's post prologue, we'd like to ask you something first. As a doctor or medical student, have you ever feel confuse interpreting a set of blood gas analysis report? If the answer is yes, here we'll provide you the easy way out! By clicking this link or the badge below, you can all have the solution in just one tap of a finger.

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Packed as a handy application, our recent app is called Arterial Blood Gas Pro (ABG Pro). It is an application designed to help medical professional to analyse and interpret the arterial blood gas report.

Why should you choose Arterial Blood Gas Pro?
  • It's simple and very easy to use
  • There are 3 main features, namely basic ABG, advanced ABG and normal value
  • The results are easy to understand
  • Handy and useful for medical professionals in clinical practice, intensive care or emergency unit
  • It is totally free!

Basic ABG feature was designed to help you in interpreting simple arterial blood gas report. Interpretation of the basic arterial blood gas report could be achieved by putting the pH, blood level of bicarbonate and partial pressure of carbon dioxide. By clicking the interpretation button, the result of the blood gas analysis will be shown.

Not satisfying enough? Kindly check our advance ABG feature. By adding the blood level of sodium, chloride and albumin in the equation, the application will also provide you the expected level of bicarbonate and partial pressure of carbon dioxide to be achieved in acute and chronic state. The application could also detect the inconsistent value put in the equation and showed you whether the validity of the interpretation could be affected. The application will determine whether it's an alkalosis or acidosis state, caused by respiratory or metabolic process, expected compensation, anion gap, and the presence of other mixed disorders. 

Want to manually check your ABG report? Here we also provide you the normal value of certain laboratory parameter, such as pH, partial pressure of carbon dioxide, blood level of bicarbonate, sodium, chloride and albumin, normal value of base excess and anion gap. By any feature you decide to use, we hope it offers you a great help always.

Well, that's a brief post regarding our application. Feel free to send anything on your mind about this application to our email, and if you dowloaded it already please send some review and give us 5 stars in google play store!

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