Pregnancy Calculator: Maternity & Motherhood

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"Pregnancy, gestational age, baby weight, & due date calculator during maternity"

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"Pregnancy Calculator: Maternity & Motherhood" is an application intended mainly to help health-care practitioner during antenatal visit, but also can be used widely by all pregnant women. "Pregnancy Calculator: Maternity & Motherhood" can be used by pregnant women to track their pregnancy conditions. Gestational age and estimated date of delivery (EDD) are measured from the last menstrual period (LMP).

Why should you choose "Pregnancy Calculator: Maternity & Motherhood"?
🔸 Simple and very easy to use.
🔸 Precise pregnancy parameters calculation with most commonly used formula.
🔸 Accurate delivery date or due date calculator
🔸 Find out your gestational age and estimated date of delivery (EDD).
🔸 Calculation based on last menstrual period (LMP) or ultrasonography (USG) biometrics.
🔸 Find out fetal's weight with Hadlock or Shepard formula.
🔸 Useful recommendations and tips during pregnancy for pregnant mothers.
🔸 It is totally free. Download now!

"Pregnancy Calculator: Maternity & Motherhood" will calculate gestational age and estimated date of delivery (EDD) / due date based on last menstrual period (LMP). The users also could use several ultrasonography (USG) biometrics to calculate gestational age and estimated date of delivery (EDD). Ultrasonography (USG) biometrics used are crown-rump length (CRL), biparietal diameter (BPD), and femur length (FL). "Pregnancy Calculator: Maternity & Motherhood" also has a feature to estimate fetal weight with Hadlock or Shepard formula.

"Pregnancy Calculator: Maternity & Motherhood" also provides useful recommendations and tips for pregnancy. Pregnant women could find recommended antenatal visitation schedule to the obstetrician, immunisation schedule, and weight gain during pregnancy. Pregnant woman also could find recommended healthy diet, vitamin, minerals, and exercise during pregnancy. Because of these, "Pregnancy Calculator: Maternity & Motherhood" is not just recommended for healthcare practitioner but also for all pregnant women widely.

Easily track your pregnancy!Calculate gestational age using USG biometricsFind out your baby's weight

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