Cardiac Catheterization Calculator - Cardiology

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"Calculate cardiac catheterization parameters of congenital heart disease"

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"Cardiac Catheterization Calculator - Cardiology" is an app designed to help calculating various important parameters in catheterization procedure of congenital heart disease. There are four basic parameters that are characterised in this "Cardiac Catheterization Calculator - Cardiology" app, namely:

🔸 Flow ratio: parameter that is used to determine the severity of the shunt lesion, whether it is hemodynamically significant needing further treatment or not  

🔸 Pulmonary artery resistance index (PARI): parameter that is used to determine whether the shunt is correctable or not correctable due to high chance of developing pulmonary hypertension crisis after defect correction

🔸 Adequacy of pulmonary artery size using well developed Nakata Index and McGoon ratio parameter

Why should you choose "Cardiac Catheterization Calculator - Cardiology"?

🔸 Simple and very easy to use.

🔸 Precise calculation of flow ratio, pulmonary artery resistance index (PARI), Nakata index, and McGoon ratio parameter

🔸 Only measure value during procedure that need to be inserted, don’t waste time to calculate oxygen consumption manually! 

🔸 Interactive interface with interpretation of the score result

🔸 It is totally free. Download now!

Disclaimer: all calculations must be re-checked and should not be used alone to guide patient care, nor should they substitute for clinical judgment. Calculations in this "Cardiac Catheterization Calculator - Cardiology" app might be different with your local practice. Consult to expert doctor whenever necessary.