ECG Master: Electrocardiogram Quiz & Practice

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"ECG quiz & practice for evaluating abnormalities of heart rhythms or impulse"

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"ECG Master: Electrocardiogram Quiz & Practice" app is a unique mobile application to help health professional, medical students, general practitioners, interns, residents, and medical specialist to sharpen their skills in reading electrocardiogram or elektrokardiogram (ECG / EKG) . Therefore medical practitioner will be able to evaluate abnormalities of heart rhythms or impulse easily. This ECG or EKG practice app will increase your knowledge of heart electrocardiogram.

"ECG Master: Electrocardiogram Quiz & Practice" provides quizzes and exams. All of the electrocardiogram or elektrokardiogram (ECG / EKG) quizzes are provided with relevant electrocardiogram or elektrokardiogram (ECG / EKG)  images, most of them are 12-leads electrocardiogram or elektrokardiogram (ECG / EKG) . There are a total of 200++ questions on "ECG Master: Electrocardiogram Quiz & Explanation" and will be updated if possible. All of the quizzes and answers are already reviewed, however, there is no assurance if all the interpretation given are correct, precise, or up-to-date.

All of the contents in "ECG Master: Electrocardiogram Quiz & Practice" are given for free. All of the electrocardiogram or elektrokardiogram (ECG / EKG)  images are taken from Wikimedia Commons and attributed properly. Upgrading the "ECG Master: Electrocardiogram Quiz & Practice" to pro version will give access to the quiz interpretation, statistic feature, and remove all of the ads. All of the main features of "ECG Master: Electrocardiogram Quiz & Practice" are:

⭐️ ECG / EKG Quiz ⭐️
The database contains 200++ ECG / EKG quiz with several topics, such as atrial and ventricular abnormalities, impulse formation abnormalities, impulse conduction abnormalities, ischemic heart disease, and other categories. All of the ECG / EKG quiz databases are available, even on the free version.

⭐️ ECG / EKG Images ⭐️
All of the ECG / EKG quizzes are provided with relevant ECG / EKG images. Most of the ECG images given are 12-leads ECG.

⭐️ Relevant Interpretation ⭐️
There is specific interpretation for each question in ECG / EKG quiz. The explanation given is simple, precise, and relevant to the case to make it easier to memorize. However, the explanation feature is only available in pro version.

⭐️ Statistic Feature ⭐️
All of the records when taking exams or quizzes are stored automatically. This feature includes development graphic of the quiz score from time to time for each ECG / EKG quiz category.

🔸 ECG / EKG quiz database is stored locally, so the application size is a little bit bigger.
🔸 ECG Master is not intended for the purpose of providing medical advice! All of the contents are for informational and educational purpose only.