ECG Master: Quiz & Review

ECG Master is a mobile application intended to help health professional, medical students, general practitioners, interns, residents, and medical specialist to sharpen their skills in reading electrocardiogram (ECG). There are a total of 200++ ECG graphs arranged in random quizzes and also stored by topics. Most of the ECG graphs are 12-leads ECG and given for you free! All of the quizzes and answers are already reviewed by medical professional. Upgrading the ECG Master to pro version will give access to the quiz explanations, statistic feature, and remove all of the ads. 
All of the main features of ECG Master are:  

All of the main features of ECG Master are:   
★ ECG Quiz The database contains 200++ ECG quiz with several topics, such as atrial and ventricular abnormalities, impulse formation abnormalities, impulse conduction abnormalities, ischemic heart diseases, and other categories. All of the ECG quiz databases are available, even on the free version.

Quiz preview

Quiz preview

★ ECG Images All of the ECG quizzes are provided with relevant ECG images. Most of the ECG images given are 12-leads ECG. 

ECG image preview

★Relevant Explanation There is specific explanation for each question in ECG quiz. The explanation given is simple, precise, and relevant to the case to make it easier to memorize. However, the explanation feature is only available in pro version. 

Explanation preview

★ Statistic Feature
All of the records when taking exams or quizzes are stored automatically. This feature includes development graphic of the quiz score from time to time for each ECG quiz category. 

Statistic preview
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- ECG quiz database is stored locally, so the application size is a little bit bigger. 
- ECG Master is not intended for the purpose of providing medical advice! All of the contents are for informational and educational purpose only.